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presented by Auto Imagery

Each week, will offer an historical photo from the vast archives of Auto Imagery photographers, who have been chronicling the quarter-mile sport for four decades.


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Dave Hansen
1984 Pomona

Frank Aragona Jr.
1996 Englishtown

John Hagen
1978 Pomona

John Medlen
1982 Pomona

Larry Dixon
1996 Pomona

Lou Gasparrelli
1979 Bakersfield

Danny Ongais
1974 Irwindale

Kenny Bernstein
1979 Bakersfield

Bob Pickett
1974 Irwindale

Rodney Flournoy
1979 Bakersfield

Ed McCulloch
1975 OCIR

Gordie Bonin
1979 Bakersfield

Carl Hobson
1984 Gainesville

Paul Radici
1974 Irwindale

Gary Cornwall
1976 Fremont

James Warren
1975 OCIR

Ron Williams
1976 Bakersfield

Terry Capp
1982 Pomona

Phil Szupka
1985 Montreal

Tommy Ivo
1982 Indy

Udo Horn
1984 Englishtown

John Satterfield
1985 Englishtown

Mike English
1977 OCIR

Snake vs. Blue Max
1980 OCIR

Mike Kase
1976 Beeline

Jim Liberman
1975 OCIR

Don Kohler
1980 Indy

Jim Adolph
1979 Ontario

Warren Johnson
1983 Baton Rouge

W. Booth/L. Hunter
1976 Fremont

Ken Moitoza
1974 Irwindale

Hairy Burkholder
1971 OCIR

Jim Adolph
1990 Pomona

Raymond Beadle
1977 Irwindale

Dave Hough
1976 Sacramento

Scott Porter
1975 OCIR

Bob Neal
1975 OCIR

John Lombardo
1973 OCIR

Frank Rupert
1972 OCIR

Dick LaHaie
1987 E-Town

Cory Lee
1998 Sonoma

Leroy Hales
1973 OCIR

Ed McCulloch
1977 Ontario

McLaren vs. Raines
1977 OCIR

Jim Liberman
1976 Sacramento

John Force
1979 OCIR
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