Jack Chrisman ends season with 550 points

Reprinted from the September 8, 1961 issue of National DRAGSTER

Jack Chrisman, driving the Howard Cam Special AA Dragster with its twin Chevy Engines, has amassed a final total of 550 points for the 1961 World Champion of Drag Racing title.

Running out of Los Angeles, Jack has journeyed from drag strip to drag strip throughout the entire country, chalking wins nearly every weekend to maintain a near perfect points score. His consistent string of wins, many of which have been made at Regional and Divisional Championship meets where bonus points were awarded, can be attributed to excellent driving on Chrisman's part, combined with fine tuning by chief crewman Jerry Johansen.

Competing in the sport's Points Program from its very beginning, the team's skill in keeping the rail out ahead of all opponents is readily evident in the fact that the Howard Cam Special has held the number one Top Ten place since the contest's start.

Chrisman, who also holds the AA Dragster class e.t. National Record at 8.78 seconds, was a top contender at the '61 National Drags, however, did not post a Big Go win.

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