Championship Drag Racing

NHRA Nationals
Las Vegas, NV
(April 6-9)

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Driver Profile
Del Worsham
DHL Toyota

Worsham stays No. 3, equaling best start of the season

Las Vegas, Saturday: Del Worsham was unable to improve on his ultra-stout 4.750 from Friday night, running a conservative 4.924 on his first Saturday lap and then smoking the tires prior to half-track on his final attempt. For the second week in a row, he will face teammate Mike Ashley in round one. His No. 3 qualifying position equals his best start of the season, at the CSK Nationals in Phoenix.

"If there's a silver lining to smoking the tires on your last qualifying pass, it's that you're able to find the limits and get that out of the way before first round," Worsham said. "We were way soft on the first pass today, trying some new parts and a new approach, and then we hopped on it for the last run, wanting to see what was out there. We just got after it too hard and it spun out there. That should give us a good idea of what we can do in round one tomorrow, where it's important to make sure you go A-to-B.

"It's just awful that we have to run Mike again in round one. He got a little food poisoning last night, and felt awful all day today. There's no way he was on top of his game inside the car today, and they weren't able to improve, so we ended up lined up for round one again. All we can do is go out there to win, and as much as we want to see them win over there, our goal is going to have to be making Mike and his team wait until Bristol before they bust loose."

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