Championship Drag Racing

Schuck's Auto Supply NHRA Nationals
Seattle, WA
(July 21-23)

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Driver Profile
Tim Wilkerson
Levi, Ray & Shoup Shelby Mustang

A gremlin puts Wilkerson in the No. 14 qualifying spot

Seattle, Friday: Tim Wilkerson would have liked to do better in qualifying today at the Schuck's Auto Supply NHRA Nationals, but a gremlin in his Levi, Ray & Shoup Chevrolet Monte Carlo caused him to end the day in the No. 14 qualifying position.

The sweltering temperatures at Pacific Raceways made qualifying a challenge and Wilkerson's 5.832 in the first session was good for the No. 8 spot.  Even though Wilkerson improved on his second run, a blown burst panel in the supercharger kept him from doing better than a 5.303.

"Our first run was about what we thought it would be," said Wilkerson.  "Then on our second run it pushed a burst panel out of it again and we don't know why.  We have a gremlin in there that we have to find, but we will.  It did the exact same thing last week in Denver on the night run.  I pedaled it, it went down a little, and then pushed the burst panel out; almost in the same exact spot.  Something really fishy is going on, so we have to figure it out. 

"We really changed a bunch of things today in the way we run the car.  I think it's going to show some promise, but now we're gong to have to wait to find out until tomorrow.

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