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Torco Racing Fuels Route 66 NHRA Nationals
Chicago, Ill.
(June 5-8)

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Driver Profile
Tom Hammonds
Tom Hammonds Enterprises Chevy Cobalt

Hammonds misses at his magic track

Chicago, Saturday: Route 66 Raceway has always proven to be a magical track for Tom Hammonds, pro stock car driver/owner of the No 20 Chevy Cobalt, but this weekend the magic alluded him as he failed to make it into the qualifying field.  

"I always love coming here [to race], and it is a nice facility.  As I have always said, I can stand not qualifying as long as we can learn something from not qualifying."

Learn the team did when they registered an elapsed time of 6.833 seconds at 202.82 in the third qualifying session to hold 24th place in the field. Disgusted with the way the car   ran in the third session, they made drastic changes to include changing out the 4-link set-up in hopes of having a better fourth qualifying run. 

 "We were not even close to the bump for the third qualifying session, and I knew we had to make a drastic change in order for us to have a chance at qualifying. I really believe we made some tremendous strides because of the changes in the last run. I feel good about the changes that we made on the Chevy Cobalt and the fact that the changes yielded a positive result.  We really picked up the last qualifying session."  

The last qualifying session they recorded an elapsed time of 6.763 seconds at 203.86 mph allowing them to finish in 18th place.

The two times Hammonds has raced at the Route 66 NHRA Nationals, he has qualified, making to the second round of eliminations in 2007 and the finals in 2002. 

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