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Torco Racing Fuels Route 66 NHRA Nationals
Chicago, Ill.
(June 5-8)

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Driver Profile
Robert Hight
Auto Club Ford Mustang

Hight survives fire, will face teammate in round one

Chicago, Saturday: Auto Club of Southern California Ford Mustang driver Robert Hight suffered a top end explosion that slowed his Funny Car and relegated him to the 14th qualifying position and a first round head to head race with teammate Ashley Force. The run was one of the most eventful of Hight’s career.

“That was the biggest fire I had instantly all at once since I started driving. It was all on me and you just do things like get on the bottles and get the chutes out,” said the reserved Hight. “When you are driving it like I was you are just trying to keep it where it is supposed to be. Usually you can get it back and it will stay in the groove. This thing tonight was all over the place. I never quit having to drive it.”

Hight is also disappointed he’ll have to race sister-in-law and teammate Force in the first round.

“It sucks we have to race Ashley. I didn’t even know that she wasn’t No. 1 until later. We did it to ourselves,” said the 2005 Rookie of the Year. “I sound like a broken record but if we ever get this running right there is nobody that can even come close to it. It was dead at half track on that last run and it was still the second quickest by thousandths. It was quick to 330 feet.”

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